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 Our #1 pritority is customer service and and providing top quality repairs. 

Did You Know....?


We communicate with your insurance provider.

We work with insurance companies and monitor the entire process to ensure the adjuster does not miss any hail damage. We then assure you get the best claim possible and work to get the right estimate.


We clean Inside & Out just for you. 

We wash and detail your vehicle before it leaves to be delivered. This will assure no dents where missed and its 100% repaired. We also detail the inside to return the vehicle better then before.


Most hail repair shops, us included, will cover your deductable and pay for it on the back end. This way you don't have to pay anything out of pocket, and can still get your vehicle repaired. 

Why is it $0 Out of Pocket?

It is ILLEGAL for an insurance company to raise your rates/premium because of a comprehensive claim. Hail claims are an "Act of God" so they are carectorized as comprehensive damage. 

Your premium CAN NOT be raised!

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Auto Hail Repair

Roof Repair


FREE services that make your life easier!


You already pay for insurance so we charge you nothing out of pocket, and cover your deductible for you. 

We own a fleet of vehicles to give out as loaners while your getting your car repaired. Even without rental coverage.


We pick up your vehicle from wherever you are, and bring you a loaner to drive around in the meantime. 


100% Lifetime warranty on any of our repairs. We want to make sure that all the hail damage was fixed, so if something is wrong we will correct it.


Who are we?

Serving as trusted professionals for quality hail dent repair in the DFW area. We have been in business for over 10 years, with over 50 years of combined experience between our certified technicians. Giving our clients the best quality repair assuring nothing is missed. The client is the #1 focus when we do business so our entire process is built around the idea of customer service. We hold true to our values of kindness, integrity, and dedication to provide the best service possible and charge $0 along the way.

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See what our customers have to say...

At DFW Storm Solutions we treat you like your family, as one of our own. Every person we serve has our obligation to receive the best possible service. If there is any issues, we do our best to get them corrected and on your way!



Jayson was awesome sauce! Super friendly and helpful! He offered to help me move over my personal items from the loaner to my car! Jayson was really nice and professional. 10/10 would recommend!



Great guys to work with. 0 out of my pocket free rental and detail omg



They were professional, extremely nice and very reasonable. I would give them a 5 +++. The best customer service ever - I can't say enough good things about them. The work was top-notch as well. You can't go wrong - so call them!



5 stars hands down. Great customer service and they went above and beyond for me. Took care of all of my hail damage and went above and beyond by taking care of a few extra things for me and even detailed my car. They brought the rental car to me and picked it up when my car was done. I didn’t have to do anything