Repair Process

Our #1 priority is customer service providing top quality repairs.

Our Hassle-Free Repair Process

Our process has been built, modified, and perfected over the past ten years of business. The customer is the cornerstone of our business, and we keep that as our main focus throughout the entire process. Assuring that from pick up to drop off, everything is handled in the most professional manner possible.


Our Repair Process


Washing Your Vehicle

Dents are difficult to find even in the best conditions. That is why we always start our process by washing your vehicle so we can identify all the damage caused by hail.


The Dent Tent

When the vehicle makes it into the shop, it goes into our light tunnel known as “The Dent Tent.” Your vehicle is wiped down and ALL the damage on the vehicle is identified, dent by dent, panel by panel. We then put this information into our software to create our estimate. And since we use the same software as your insurance company, this is how we can guarantee no surprise out of pocket expenses.


Insurance Inspection

Once the vehicle is scoped, your insurance company is notified and will come out to approve the damages. Again, we use the same software as the insurance company, therefore our estimate will be directly in line with theirs.


PDR Repair Process

A Master Certified Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) technician goes to work repairing your vehicle. PDR is the most beneficial method for repairing hail damage as it allows you to retain your original factory finish and restore the full value of your vehicle.


Detail and Delivery

Once repairs are completed, we wash and detail your vehicle, and a member of our Quality Control team conducts a 40-point inspection. You will then be contacted by our delivery department to coordinate a time to deliver your vehicle back to you.

Your insurance rate WILL NOT increase

We work with insurance companies and monitor the entire process to ensure the adjuster does not miss any hail damage. We then assure you get the best claim possible and work to get the right estimate.

How is it FREE?

Most hail repair shops, us included, will cover your deductable and pay for it on the back end. This way you don't have to pay anything out of pocket, and can still get your vehicle repaired.

Your premium CAN NOT be raised!

It is ILLEGAL for an insurance company to raise your rates/premium because of a comprehensive claim. Hail claims are an "Act of God" so they are carectorized as comprehensive damage.