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  • Date 5th August, 2014

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At DFW Storm Solutions, we offer the best solutions that help you deal with the worst impacts of hail damage on your car. It is a comprehensive and thorough process that takes a lot of time and resilience on our part. But, we ensure that you get your car back in its initial spotless and impeccable form. We have a team of experts that help eliminate the impacts of hail damage, even if your car has been standing out in the thundering storm for hours!

We take care of your deductibles up to $1000! Sounds amazing, right? Our team of techs is so carefully trained that they can easily observe and pick up each and every part of the hail damage on each car and get your car back on track, looking as good as new!

Our facilities are specifically designed for impeccable hail damage removal, and it is thoroughly air-conditioned. We also provide a free loaner vehicle with a concierge service so we can come, pick your car and drop it back to you once the job is done!

Our Perks


>$0 Deductibles

We ensure zero deductibles, and We take care of your deductibles up to a $1000.


>Free Rental Car

We offer a free rental car for you.


>Free Estimates

We offer free estimates so you can gauge your budget accordingly.

Client Review

Jayson was awesome sauce! Super friendly and helpful! He offered to help me move over my personal items from the loaner to my car! Jayson was really nice and professional. 10/10 would recommend!

-- Jennifer